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Spirituality & Health

There's a true spiritual renaissance going on all around us... And
Spirituality & Health is on the front lines with big questions, small wonders and amazing discoveries. It's about the soul/body connection: healing and happiness, love, family, health, aging and fulfillment. We explore topics like Right Livelihood (Work, Money and Action) Expanding Universe (Religion, Physics and Metaphysics) and enlightened Diet (Food, herbs and supplements)... and more.

Spirituality & Health will help you better understand the human spirit in the world today and the inspirations that carry us daily to personal insights and growth - from new ideas to ancient wisdom to modern discoveries! Re-frame travel as a spiritual quest. Reach contentment - even at work. Find out how to trust your intuition. It's all in Spirituality & Health.

In each exciting issue of Spirituality & Health (six per year) you'll find unique ideas and revelations, beliefs and myths; self-tests, guidance on spiritual practices; reviews of the latest resources for people on spiritual journeys; insights from leading teachers, researchers, and practitioners; and a forum for the active exchange of ideas among various disciplines and communities.

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